Why is coding an absolute must

Coding leads Algorithmic thinking

Analytical, Logical thinking and Problem solving capabilities  is greatly increased when a student learns to code.Coding has even in many instances helped students improve their academic performance in school.

Is Coding the new Literacy ?

 School Curriculum makes kids learn about biology, literature, history, Algebra chemistry and geometry with the hope of equipping them for future.It'll be not long before computing is on that list.  

Prepare them for tomorrow.

STEM the Fun way!!

Children need to be engaged in learning, and learn in ways that can hold their attention, the same way the  social media does today. The easiest way to do this is to make it fun and interesting. The inclusion of arts puzzles, games like in our programs  learning look more fun.We at Teen Tech Titans learn by solving a puzzles and coding games.This keeps the students motivated and engaged.


Basic Coding Classes

 Grades 5-6

 for beginners  . They Solve problems and puzzles and along the way learn to code.At the end of the session, they would have a Basic coding experience and would develop a aided Game or Puzzle development.

TOpics covered

Basic Coding Logic



Data Types

Block Coding.

Python Level 1

 Grades 7+


Python level 1 

Displaying output  


Input Data Types

Math Operators  

Logic Operators  


Turtle  (graphic library)

Branching(  if conditions)

While Loops  

String Manipulation  

Pig Latin  

String Functions  

List Indexes  

List Iteration  

List Operations

For Loops  

Python Level 2

Grades 7+ 

Quarterly 12 sessions starting September 15-20th

Python Level 2 

Level 1 python recapture 

Nested Loops  

Defining Functions

Algorithms and

-Linear Search

-Binary Search

-Bubble Sort

-Insertion Sort

-Quick Sort

 Data Structures



-Linked List

-Binary Tree

Introduction to Object-oriented Programming

Fall Session begins Shortly

  • Sept 15- Dec 15th
  • Level 1 Python $400 for 12 sessions or $150 every 4 session.
  • Level 2 Python $450 for 12 sessions or $175 every 4 session.

Upcoming Fall Sessions

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